Featured Artist - April, 2017

March 23, 2017

"ART OF DEVOTION" with Artist Virginia Maria Romero
Opening on Thursday, February 9th at 5pm

CasaBella Fine Art Gallery will feature the works of artist Virginia Maria Romero in a captivating new show, "Art of Devotion". An artist reception will take place on Thursday, April 6th from 5-8pm and will run through April 27, 2017.

 About the artist: 

“As an artist who is deeply concerned about protecting wildlife, I strive to make sure that my art helps to educate and motivate people to protect nature. A catalyst for meaningful change, the power of art lies in its ability to transcend and inspire and to guide us past established realities and prevailing ideologies.”

Virginia Maria Romero is a visionary artist with works in public and museum permanent collections, as well as numerous private collections throughout the United States and abroad. Gallery owner, Tommy Hickey was pleased to add Romero’s name to the outstanding list of contemporary southwest artists that he represents.

“Virginia’s work really speaks to me. The incredible amount of work she puts into each piece is amazing. Being surrounded by these intriguing spiritual pieces every day is very special”.

Romero is one of a handful of “Anglos” to be counted among the santero artists (artists who paint or carve images of saints) of the American Southwest with works inspired by the culture of New Mexico and her Polish/Irish heritage. Romero’s art speaks a language unlike any other … it is a language of the heart, of the soul, of life … she has taken an ancient art form and redefined it, reinvented it, and made it her own.